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5 Powers of Frozen Food Delivery

When it comes to frozen food, today’s eaters crave convenience. Use the power of frozen food delivery to satisfy your customers’ demands!

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If you know groceries, you know that frozen food is a big deal. Gone are the days of tacky TV dinners – modern frozen foods are tastier, healthier, and more convenient than ever before. Maybe that’s why the global frozen food industry is set to hit $504.41 billion by 2030. Businesses across North America are racing to compete in this cutthroat market, and everyone wants a unique advantage. With the power of frozen food delivery, that advantage can be yours!

Frozen food delivery is one of the smartest ways to benefit from this industry’s rapid expansion. Groceries are being pushed by today’s leading delivery apps, making the delivery of frozen food easier than ever before. Let’s see why frozen food is so popular with consumers, and discover the true power of frozen food delivery.

Power #1: Frozen food is economical

It’s no secret that, in 2023, the grocery industry is in a bit of a pickle. As inflation skyrockets globally, consumers are cutting back on frivolous spending, which often means not buying fresh food. Frozen food fills in the gap: it’s cheaper than fresh, keeps longer, and typically sold in bulk, maximizing its value. Today’s eaters can’t afford to buy expensive, perishable fruits, meats, and vegetables – and, with frozen food, they don’t have to. 

Frozen food delivery makes these dishes even more cost-efficient. Every order brought to an eater’s doorstep means less spent on transportation – a major plus in tough economic times. The pricing models of today’s delivery apps ensure your business benefits from every sale, keeping delivery economical for you, too! Many apps even let you use your own drivers, reducing fees even more. Frozen food delivery is one of the cheapest ways to buy great food today.

Power #2: Frozen food delivery is easy

Here’s an area where grocery stores, supermarkets, and frozen food chains have a leg up on restaurants! Unlike fresh items, customers want frozen food to be cold, which gives stores and drivers more time to deliver it. This optimizes the delivery experience, letting drivers put more effort into packing and letting stores focus on meeting customers’ expectations. Efficiency throughout the delivery process is important for customer satisfaction, and frozen food delivery makes achieving that efficiency easy.

Keep in mind that frozen food is designed for smooth delivery. It needs to be delivered by suppliers to retailers, so it’s packaged specifically to maintain quality during travel. This simplifies item transportation for your drivers and ensures that a bump in the road won’t ruin a great meal. Remember: a happy customer means a great review, which helps your business grow, profit, and succeed!

Power #3: Frozen food is standardized

Quality control is something that restaurants and fresh food retailers put a lot of time and effort into. Fortunately, it’s not an issue for frozen food! As a manufactured good, frozen food has its quality pre-approved by its producer, ensuring consistency with every item. Customers know what to expect from frozen food and standardization ensures they’re never disappointed. A range of standardized items is great for retailers, too. It keeps storage simple and efficient, and maximizes shelf life. 

Standardization is a great tool for smoothing out common issues in delivery. It keeps online item photos accurate, streamlines transportation, and presents customers with familiar brands that they’ll be eager to order. It also helps keep costs down – frozen foods come in their own packaging, eliminating unnecessary waste. Customers want consistent products and excellent service, and frozen food delivery serves both.

Power #4: Frozen food delivery is convenient

It’s cold, it’s heavy, and it takes up a ton of space in the car – what a pain! Frozen food itself is very convenient, but buying it and taking it home is anything but. Even if the rest of this post was irrelevant, this point is what would really make customers want frozen food delivery. Put simply: having frozen food delivered is easier than buying it in person. Customers have busy lives and busy schedules. Especially when they’re on a budget, every second counts. 

Frozen food delivery is also extremely valuable to seniors or customers with disabilities. In many cases, it means the difference between making a sale and discouraging customers from shopping at all. Convenience is one of the strongest reasons grocery delivery is expected to grow by $652.45 billion within five years. By meeting customer demand for convenience with frozen food – itself a hundred-billion-dollar industry – you’ll have a recipe for success!

Power #5: It’s popular with Gen Z

That got your attention, didn’t it!? It’s true – 57% of 18-34-year-olds consider frozen food to be as good as fresh, a 39% increase over their parents. There are many reasons for this: changing generational tastes, inflation, a pandemic-driven demand for long-term food storage, and much more. No matter the cause, though, it’s clear that Gen Z loves frozen food, and they’re ready to pay for it. What Gen Z also loves is food delivery – by combining the two, your business can capture this critical consumer demographic!

Gen Z appreciates and values all of the powers of frozen food delivery that we’ve discussed in this post. Today’s young people are eager to pay for convenience, smooth service, and reliable products. By offering frozen food delivery, you’re providing this audience with a good they love in the way they want. There’s no better sales pitch than that! Take advantage of frozen food delivery, and you’ll have access to this passionate, profitable customer base.

Discover the power of frozen food delivery today

There’s never been a better time to get started with frozen food delivery. Delivery apps are hungry for grocery businesses to join their platforms, and they’re ready to make it worth your while. Frozen food delivery is effective and profitable. The food may be frozen, but the market is hot!

If you’re wondering how to start a frozen food business, we have what you need! Otter’s extensive suites of features help grocery stores and supermarkets succeed in frozen food delivery and beyond. Don’t take our word for it, though – check out our profile on ExtraMile, and see how we make delivery better.

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