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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Chain Restaurants

Download our latest report to explore the top trends impacting the future of chain restaurants.
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The enterprise restaurant industry is a constantly-changing landscape. Chain restaurants have weathered the storm of COVID-19, and have returned to almost pre-pandemic levels of success. With new technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and shifting economic conditions, fast-casual restaurants must continuously adapt to stay profitable. 

Otter’s latest report takes a deep dive into the top trends impacting chain restaurants today. Our findings cover topics like co-branding partnerships, sustainability, labor shortage issues, and everything else that drives evolution for multi-location brands. Whether you’re a franchisee, corporate exec, or chain restaurant server, understanding these trends is crucial for maintaining a thriving business. 

In addition to the trends discussed here, it’s worth noting that restaurant chains worldwide use Otter to overcome operational inefficiencies. With Otter’s Order Management solution, chains save time, increase revenue, and reduce order issues every day. Instead of needing a different tablet for every delivery platform, Otter lets  restaurants manage all their orders from one place.

Restaurants with over 30 locations and 700 daily orders can increase revenue with Otter’s Order Manager.

Order Manager helps restaurant chains expand their business and empower their staff. Don’t believe us? Hear it from Jason Rotter, VP of Just Salad:

 “Just Salad chose Otter for their reliable order aggregation, Menu Management, and Auto-Accept solutions. We’ve been a customer since 2021, using Otter across 65 locations with our delivery apps, logistics partners, and API tools. 

Their innovative technology seamlessly aggregates and manages orders from multiple platforms. I’ve enjoyed working with their exceptional customer support team, and they’ve shown commitment to our brand as an invaluable partner.”

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