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7 Bar Management Software Essentials for 2023

Otter’s solutions are the perfect mix for your bar’s success. Keep good times on tap with these 7 bar management software essentials for 2023!

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Managing a bar in the age of delivery isn’t easy. How can you maintain the party-going vibe when you’re juggling several different systems, menus, and delivery apps!? Your staff should be mixing up drinks, not orders – and that’s where we can help. You may think food is Otter’s only forte, but we know a thing or seven about drinks, too. With our 7 bar management software essentials for 2023, you’ll be popping just as many bottles as your customers!

As the global bar industry grows by over $31 billion in the next five years, efficiency will be key for survival. Fortunately, with Otter’s top-of-class solutions, your bar will always be lean, competitive, and profitable! Let’s find out what makes Otter your bar’s best asset.

Essential #1: Delivery App Onboarding

Delivery apps are a must for any place where good drinks are sold in the 2020s. Still, even as industry experts recognize delivery as a major driver of bars’ profits, many don’t utilize this valuable resource. It’s true that getting started with delivery apps can be difficult, but our team simplifies the onboarding process for today’s top delivery apps. Otter gives you and your staff the time to focus on mixology. 

Our solutions integrate with your existing POS system, putting control of your entire business in the palm of your hand. Plus, with the Otter tablet’s all-in-one synchronization features, you’ll only need to set-up your menus and business info once. This saves your team a lot of stress, and helps your bar build relationships with the industry’s top players!

Essential #2: Managing Your Bar’s Activities

A bar is a hectic place – especially around happy hour. In this kind of high-speed, up-tempo environment, any slowdown means missed sales and lost customers. Your bar can’t afford to take time to sort out any confusion or disorganization. With Otter’s Order Management and Menu Management solutions, you and your staff can always be in control!

Otter’s solutions are geared towards efficiency, accuracy, and coordination, which are essential attributes of a successful bar. Features like Auto-accept, which accepts incoming orders automatically, ensure you’re always focused on what’s important: serving your customers. Plus, with all of our resources contained within one tablet, you’ll never be overwhelmed. Otter’s bar management essentials keep your restaurant under control, no matter how many thirsty customers you’ve got at the counter.

Essential #3: Upgrading Your Bar’s Orders

Digital order management systems are at the heart of every profitable bar. The ordering systems of today’s leading bars don’t just aggregate orders, though – they enhance every step of the order process. Their additional features make fulfilling all of a bar’s orders quick and easy, keeping staff organized and productive. Otter’s Order Management solution offers all of these features, and makes the entire ordering process smoother. 

Take Order Management’s item availability feature, which lets you modify or remove items across all of your storefronts instantly. You can also pause entire stores, preventing new orders from being taken until your staff is ready. The solution integrates with third-party and direct ordering systems, too, so you’ll always have important controls to hand. Access all of these features – and more – through Order Management’s sleek UI, and make every order count.

Essential #4: Maintaining Your Bar’s Atmosphere

A bar’s atmosphere is one of its biggest selling points, but a weak order system can quickly dim a customer’s buzz. That’s why Otter integrates seamlessly into your workflow, so you can keep up the energy with every order. Don’t think Otter isn’t being attentive, though! With industry-leading data analysis features, Otter collects critical information on every sale, so you always know what to improve. 

While the party is raging, Otter is identifying and understanding vital metrics on your business’s orders, finances, and performance. Otter makes it easy to see how your staff, menus, and revenue channels are doing, and helps inform your business decisions. Now, you can hold detailed, accurate, real-time performance reviews of your entire bar during happy hour! Your atmosphere is essential to your business’s success. With Otter, you can make the most of it.

Essential #5: Updating Your Menus

As any barkeep worth their margarita salt knows, a menu is a living thing: constantly surging with new ideas and brews. Unfortunately, updating a delivery app’s menus is a hassle, and updating multiple delivery app menus is a nightmare. Don’t stifle your mixologists’ creativity – give them the tools to make all the changes they want to with Otter! Otter’s Menu Management features streamline the update process across every one of your delivery apps, so there’s never an issue with shaking up your menus.

Menu Management lets you add, edit, and 86 items on digital menus rapidly, eliminating tedium and showcasing your bartenders’ skill. It also lets you offer multiple menus at certain times – excellent for themed nights, events, and limited sales. With Menu Management, you can even run different menus across different locations, ensuring you’re always serving what you want to. Otter’s bar management essentials keep your menus – and your mixologists – on the move.

Essential #6: Promoting Your Delivery Business

At a time when nightlife competition has never been fiercer, the ability to stand out is crucial for a bar’s success. Promotions are a core element of any bar, but it can be tough to keep them consistent in the era of digital delivery. How can you ensure your in-store and delivery customers are getting the same deals – while optimizing your profit margins? Otter’s Promotions feature makes running sales, discounts, and offers across digital delivery platforms effortless.

Control, convenience, and customization are at the forefront of Otter's Promotions solution. By using it, you can craft, run, and collect data from delivery promotions automatically, maximizing the efficiency of your marketing. Promotions’ manual options are just as effective. With them, you can specify every piece of your delivery promos, keeping them synced with in-bar specials. Otter’s delivery app promotions make every one of your deals worth it.

Essential #7: Using Virtual Brands

You’ve heard of virtual brands, haven’t you? As a delivery app-exclusive business, they’re a great way to diversify your orders and open up new revenue streams. Virtual brands are now a $58 billion industry, and one of the food and drink world’s most lucrative innovations! Bars have been applying different brands to themselves for ages to promote local distillers, breweries, and vineyards. This puts them in an excellent position to start leveraging virtual brands – and, with Otter, your bar can do just that!

Otter’s Virtual Brands solution gives your bar access to a wide variety of brand names and cuisine types. These options let your business experiment with different identities, mixes, and recipes, helping you discover the best brand(s) for your bottom line. Alongside Order Management’s store pausing and delivery integrations, you can incorporate virtual brands into your workflow and maximize your profit margins.

Shake up your bar’s profits with Otter!

Whether you’re a full-on nightclub or the neighborhood speakeasy, Otter’s suite of solutions can help your bar succeed. Our range of full-featured digital services make running, promoting, and optimizing your bar simple, so you can spend more time making customers happy. When you use Otter’s bar management essentials to boost your bar’s performance, you’ll find that it leaves your profits positively shaken – not stirred.

Empower your bar on the go with the new Otter Restaurant Manager app, available now for iOS!

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