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How B-Unos went "full throttle" in delivery alongside Otter

"If you want to increase sales while reducing mistakes, use Otter." - Moe, B-unos
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B-Unos xOtter

1 Owner. 2 Locations. $4,459 increase in average monthly revenue.

B-Unos: Overview

B-Unos modern kitchen is renowned for their take on the “American staple diet.”

Established in 2015, B-Unos is a 3-location restaurant chain in New Jersey that provides its community with high-quality food and a family atmosphere.

“We’re like a family, and we all truly take pride in our food.” Those values are reflected in the various accolades B-Unos has received; including being voted New Jersey’s Best Burger in 2019. 

Delivery burger
B-Unos' famous Bacanators Daddy Burger
B-Unos: The Opportunity

Moe and his two B-Unos' partners left behind their corporate careers to build something of their own. Being business minded, when Moe noticed that online-orders were increasing rapidly, he began searching for a solution to a problem he knew was coming – endless orders, multiple delivery platforms, tons of tablets, and new restaurant tech that likely wouldn’t communicate well with his existing restaurant tech stack. “I really wanted to find a solution that directly pushed our online orders to our POS system to the kitchen.”

B-Unos: The Solution

Moe was researching delivery management & optimization platforms when he came across Otter.

“Getting set up was easy, the customer service was great, and integrating our POS system was super user-friendly.”

The ability to handle increased orders has given Moe more time to focus on things like delivery advertising and optimization.

“Otter has helped me go full-throttle in my delivery business, both of my restaurants are thriving. Being less stressed about the small things gives me time to focus on the bigger picture and hang out with guests."
Delivery Restaurateur
B-Unos' Owner Moe with hanging out with actor Jason Segel in one of his locations

For his staff, using Otter has reduced stress and given them the ability to focus less on managing delivery tablets, and more on the customer experience.

“With Otter, our front of house staff can focus on quality control: bagging orders properly, double checking the details, and providing premium customer service.”

Moe’s decision to use Otter has also increased satisfaction for B-Unos’ customers, “The decrease in order errors and mistakes ensures our customers are getting exactly what they order. Our customer satisfaction has improved.”

B-Unos' Award Winning Burger


Since partnering with Otter, Moe and B-Unos have seen impressive results.

  • 36% revenue improvement
  • $4,459 increase in average monthly revenue.
  • 59x ROI
  • $346 monthly labor time saved

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