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Boost Your Restaurant’s Delivery Sales with Automated Promotions

Strengthen your restaurant’s visibility – and profits – with Promotions: Otter’s automated marketing solution!

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Let’s face it: In today’s restaurant industry, digital marketing is everything. Online delivery promotions are essential for higher customer engagement –  and higher sales – but setting up and running these campaigns takes a ton of time and resources, which is something that most restaurateurs don’t have.

Now, with Promotions by Otter, you don’t have to worry about the timing, organization, and risk of managing a digital promotion by hand. Through the power of Promotions' automated marketing features, you can let Otter handle the hard parts of promoting your business and get back to doing what matters most: satisfying your customers.

What is Promotions by Otter?

Promotions is the latest tool in Otter’s marketing repertoire – a fully-featured promotional solution tailor-made to help you get the most of running deals, discounts, and specials on today’s top delivery apps. Through an intricate machine-learning-enabled process, Otter Promotions analyzes your digital menu, business details, and performance over various platforms, then creates and hosts strategic promotions.

As it works, Promotions also takes careful note of your customers’ preferences, spending habits, and preferred items, then uses that data to continuously improve future promotions. Otter's Promotions feature rapidly understands how digital promotions affect your business, and takes the steps to optimize their impact on your bottom line.

By using Otter Promotions, you won’t just be increasing engagement, interest, and sales – you’ll be ranking higher on every one of your business’s delivery apps, keeping you at the top of existing customers’ minds and introducing you to countless new ones. With Otter, reaching and expanding your audience is quick, easy, and seamless!

Is Promotions right for my restaurant?

Are you looking to grow your business? Do you want to make more money with every sale? Does laboring over a promotion set-up page sound like a waste of your time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Promotions is what your restaurant needs!

Like all of Otter’s features, Promotions is a critical component of the modern restaurant process and a major solution to so many digital restaurant challenges. The multi-faceted benefits of Promotions make it essential for any restaurateur short on time, staff, or resources, and the competitive advantages it provides are major assets for restaurants of any type or size!

Think of Promotions as a dedicated digital marketer focused on your restaurant’s performance. The feature helps develop detailed marketing strategies that you and your staff can easily manage and act upon, eliminating the busywork of promoting your food.

Through Promotions' specialized customer targeting services, it also helps you build stronger connections with your customer base, and motivates them to regularly order from your restaurant above any others.

We understand you know your customers best, which is why Promotions also gives you the option to customize your digital promotions in whatever way you please – ensuring that you’re always in control. Promotions even allows you to run several different marketing campaigns at once, and collects invaluable data from each of them to gain a deeper  understanding of your customers.

The more you use Promotions, the smarter it gets – and the better it helps your restaurant succeed.

Consider the Data: There’s no doubting Promotions by Otter

Collecting detailed information on the performance of restaurateurs is one of Promotions' best attributes and a major reason why the solution can help business owners and staff as effectively as it does. To demonstrate the value of using Promotions for even a short while, let’s look at the tangible impact it’s had on users so far:

  • On average, Promotions users earn 18% more revenue per dollar spent on digital promotions than non-users.
  • The average Promotions user also earns 8% more take-home pay per dollar spent on digital promotions than non-users.
  • Promotions users gain a 5% higher Average Order Value (AOV) than non-users.
  • Most notably, Promotions users who run automated promotions through the service have 21% higher average sales than non-users.

Finally, Promotions users on Uber Eats and DoorDash pay less for commissions on orders with promotions! With all of this data in mind, it’s clear to see why more and more restaurants, bars, and cafes are using Promotions to strengthen their marketing strategies, best their competitors, and reach their ever-growing customer base.

Promotions isn’t just a way for restaurateurs to make more money from promotions – it’s a holistic solution to every one of the modern restaurant’s digital marketing needs, and a great way to strengthen sales no matter which delivery app you use.

Through an industry-leading range of services and functionalities geared towards ambitious business owners, Promotions is the most effective tool for building awareness of your restaurant’s brand, food, and expertise.

Tired of running digital promotions on your own? Get started with Promotions by Otter today, and make your restaurant’s marketing strategy, sales, and profits soar!

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