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Boston's Love Art Sushi Restaurants set their team up for delivery success with Otter

“Otter provides our staff with seamless transactions from start to finish.” - Ashley Ye, Love Art Sushi

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Otter x Love Art Sushi

Do you love Love? Do you love Art? Do you love Sushi? If you’re like us, you’re nodding your head in a resounding yes. And if you live in Boston or Connecticut, even better.

Let us introduce you to Love Art Sushi, the fast-casual sushi restaurant located at two current locations: Fenway and Downtown crossing. The sushi spot also offers delivery, catering, and pick-up.

But before we talk about the restaurant’s mouth-watering menu (equipped with fresh seafood, poke bowls, and sushi burritos), let’s rewind about a decade to learn how the beloved sushi restaurant concept came to be.

Love Art owners Ronald Liu and Jessica Chiep

It all started when Love Art Sushi owners Ronald Liu and Jessic Chiep met in high school and continued their relationship while attending the University of Connecticut.

After the pair graduated, they moved to Boston and started jobs that had nothing to do with food; Jessica worked as a cytogeneticist, and Ronald worked in marketing and sales. But outside of work, the  couple honored their true passions: cooking and traveling. In fact, it was their adventures abroad that shaped their tastes for different cuisines, flavors, and restaurant experiences.

What they did next required guts! The couple quit their jobs and decided to open their first restaurant, H.A. Cafe, in 2014. Introducing flavors like bubble tea, curry udon, and more to Storrs, Connecticut was a hit.

(Liu and Chiep circa 2013).
Coming up with Love Art’s creative concept: the deconstructed sushi bowl

One busy evening at the H.A. Cafe, Ronald’s football team friends came to order sushi rolls, but the line was winding out the door. Since Maki rolls take more time and the demand was high, the pair came up with the idea of serving seasoned Japanese sushi rice and raw cut fish in a bowl!

With a knack for innovation, the pair invented “The Husky Bowl” (which became a Love Art Sushi staple) after a busy night at the H.A. Cafe.

The Love Art project puts customers first

This bowl blossomed into the Love Art project, and both Jessica and Ronald moved back to Boston to put everything they had into building this new concept. Thus, in 2017, Love Art Sushi was born—opening first in the Fenway neighborhood and expanding to downtown. Recently, the pair also built and opened Poke by Love Art in 2020.

According to the pair, “The Love Art concept is simple. Provide customers with an extensive menu and ingredients that are sourced daily in small batches at affordable prices. With a wide range of options, the Love Art team is ready to assist customers with their needs across a wide spectrum of possibilities. Going above and beyond for our customers is simply standard and has been our foundation throughout the years.”

Love Art Sushi x Otter

We spoke to the director of operations, Ashley Ye at Love Art Sushi to learn how online ordering is going.

“Boston is a very student and office-worker driven city,” Ashley  tells us. “Our customers come to us to get their sushi in a bowl format for quick WFH or office lunches. We also focus on families since our menu offers affordable and fresh seafood.”

When asked about working with Otter, Ashley tells us, “It’s been good! Everything is seamless for us just because we have a lot of third parties, and with it all just being on one tablet, it’s a lot easier for us. "It's also easier for our staff to confirm orders on one harmonized tablet instead of several separate ones."

The biggest benefit? The support Otter’s all-in-one solution provides to the staff. Otter is designed to help ease the back-of-house and front-of-house struggles many restaurants face, especially when trying to grow their delivery business. We know how many hats team members, chefs, dishwashers, managers, and owners alike are expected to wear to keep their restaurant thriving — and we also know how to help simplify.

“Otter helps our staff make seamless transactions from start-to-finish – from the moment a ticket is first printed out to the end of the order. Everything is faster and easier for our staff with Otter.”

Boston residents, order delivery or visit Love Art Sushi today!

We highly recommend visiting in person for a fun experience for Maki hour (very popular with students). You can also support Love Art Sushi by:

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