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Otter Menu Management: Optimize your menu on the fly

Imagine this. You run a Mexican restaurant, it’s Saturday, it’s sunny, lots of guests have been ordering guacamole. And you run out of avocado. If this was before the age of delivery, this isn’t a huge problem. You apologize to guests when they order something with avocado, you send someone on your team to stock up from the closest market as quickly as you can. Sure, some diners are disappointed, but they find something else to order. And after a half an hour or so, you have avocado. Problem solved.

Now let’s think about what this situation looks like in the midst of the delivery boom. It’s a Saturday in 2021. You have guests dining outdoors, your multiple third-party delivery tablets are dinging endlessly – your team is trying to keep up with accepting online orders, getting them into the POS, handing them to drivers. Everyone's spread a little thin. And you run out of avocado.

You’ve already accepted a handful of Uber Eats orders that include a side of Guacamole, a few Doordash orders with your California burrito that’s beloved for your fresh avocado. A new Postmates order just came in – margaritas, chips, and a large side of guacamole. You can’t accept the order as is. You ask if they want something else. They don’t. You missed out on that revenue. Someone’s on their way to the store, but at this point you’ve already had to cancel orders.

Busy restaurant delivery solutions
Controlling your menu when you're listed on multiple delivery platforms can be chaotic

You’re rushing to contact Uber Eats, Doordash and Postmates to temporarily remove each item that has avocado in it. Y

ou're contacting eaters who ordered guacamole asking if they want to replace it with something else. At this point, you might as well be working a desk job with how many screens, phones, and tablets you're dealing with. In the midst of the madness, you’ve forgotten about the guests dining outside. You know there has to be a better way. 

Innovative restaurant delivery solution

While delivery platforms have likely increased your revenue, they come with a few sides that you didn’t order. Cross-platform menu management being one of them. But managing your online menus shouldn’t be a job in itself: it’s your menu – why shouldn’t you have complete, efficient control over it?

Enter Otter's new menu management feature

The team at Otter is constantly looking for new ways to benefit your restaurant’s business. As we thought through some of the key tensions that exist in your day to day, the above scenario was top of mind.

Dealing with replacing your avocado supply is chaotic enough before you add the stress of having to ask eaters about menu-item replacements and contact all of your delivery platforms to request a temporary update to your menu.

We’re launching a solution that will decrease your stress-levels and cancelled orders while benefiting your bottom line. 

Restaurant delivery menu management

How can Otter Menu Management help your business?

Our Menu Management solution consolidates all your online menus across locations, brands and platforms into a single place – empowering you to make updates and changes as needed, on the fly. Menu Management also allows you to rename, update pricing and edit modifiers for individual menu-items or entire categories if you want to try something new.

If a specific menu-item has been performing well on delivery platforms, you can reorder your menu to bump it to the top. If something’s been underperforming, you can push it to the bottom or deactivate it altogether.

If a certain category sees an influx of orders during a particular time of the week, for example cocktails on the weekends, you can reorder your menu to have “drinks” come up first. And when you need to change your digital storefront’s hours because of a rush, holiday, or other unforeseen circumstance, you can do that right from the Otter tablet too. 

Edit menu items restaurant delivery

Get started with Otter Menu Management

Getting started with our new Menu Management feature is simple. Follow the instructions on Zendesk here.

control of your menu today

Start managing your menus across locations, brands and platforms all in one place with Otter’s Menu Management feature.

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