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How Otter helped ExtraMile launch its online ordering business

 1000 Locations. 20.8x sales increase year over year

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How ExtraMile increased sales by 20.8x alongside Otter


Can you imagine a life without convenience stores? A trip to the gas station with no snacks, emergency deodorant, or late-night beer?

It’s true that we rely on convenience stores to get us what we need—whether we’re local or in the middle of nowhere. But imagine a convenience store that takes convenience to the next level by offering delivery.

Enter ExtraMile LLC, a Chevron and Jackson Food Stores partnership comprised of 1,000 franchised convenience stores throughout the US.

The national chain sought out Otter to help scale third-party delivery across their store-fronts with innovation in mind. Read on to learn how ExtraMile is going the extra mile with delivery with the help of Otter. 

ExtraMile Convenience Store

The Situation

Robert Wade, the Digital Platforms Manager at ExtraMile reflects on the industry trends that brought delivery to the forefront amongst franchises in the field, “Our innovation process began with our team assessing challenges, you know, trying to run operations in convenience stores with multiple tablets, looking for ways to make smart decisions through clear reporting and financial data, and making the process for updating menus when items run out simple and efficient.” It's true—launching delivery across multiple locations comes with its hurdles. In the end, one of the franchises found out about Otter and began to implement the one-tablet solution across multiple ExtraMile locations. 

The Solution

ExtraMile’s desire for innovation coupled with Otter’s customized and cutting edge technology helped the convenience store chain grow their delivery business. After finding out about Otter from one of ExtraMile’s franchise partners, the team decided to adopt Otter for all locations to manage their delivery business. 

Collaborating with Otter helped ExtraMile eliminate the need for multiple tablets across hundreds of their franchises,  supported the group to make smart business decisions with  advanced reports and insights, and drastically reduced both the number of missed orders and order errors through menu management —all while increasing their bottomline. 

Otter’s multi-location solutions and easy-to-use tablet helped ExtraMile scale rapidly from 0 to 407 stores and counting… ExtraMile’s average sales per location doubled alongside Otter. 

“There was no delivery program before Otter .With all the intricacies that go into operating a store—accounting, payroll, ordering customer service, cleaning, stocking, and everything else—it’s nice not to have to worry. Otter has created efficiencies and consolidated our process.” - Robert Wade, Digital Platforms Manager,  ExtraMile
ExtraMile convenience store illustrations

The power of reporting

After accessing Otter insights and auto-accept orders tool, ExtraMile saw missed orders decrease by 98.3%.

With the insights reporting that Otter created, we're able to generate  real-time reporting and results for us to analyze— item assortment, sales, missed orders, cancellations. We can improve at a higher speed than we would have on the other reporting models that we’ve used.- Robert Wade, Digital Platforms Manager,  ExtraMile

Scaling with support

ExtraMile’s desire to innovate coupled with Otter’s customized and cutting edge technology gives them a competitive edge.

Otter provides us with the customer support piece in terms of helping business consultants and individual franchisees with requests about hours and menus, communicating with the platforms, and more. . And that's really where the partnership comes in. Our ideas and industry knowledge combined with Otter’s expertise in engineering. We want to innovate and Otter can execute.” - Robert Wade, Digital Platforms Manager,  ExtraMile


Alongside Otter, ExtraMile saw impressive results including:

- 20.8x increase in sales year over year 

- 98.3% decrease in missed orders

- 10.6x increase in delivery platform coverage year over year

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