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Food Delivery Trends across U.S. & CA 2022

We analyzed over 5 million online delivery orders to bring you exclusive information on when what, and how North American eaters order food.

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Food Delivery Trends - U.S. & CA

Restaurants may have fully re-opened in 2022, but cravings for online meal delivery have never been stronger. This year, the value of American full- and quick-service restaurant delivery totaled over $36.9 billion, and Canadian markets reached over $6.29 billion. With revenue from the North American meal delivery sector expected to hit over $70.65 billion by the end of the year, it’s clear that online delivery apps have earned their spot at the table. 

As a leading North American digital restaurant services platform, Otter maintains a strong understanding of meal delivery trends and statistics across the United States and Canada. We analyzed 5 million + online orders from around the continent to bring you the most up-to-date information on meal delivery!

Otter’s Restaurant Food Delivery Trends report takes a deep dive into consumer preferences so that restaurants like yours can stay on top of the significant shifts in the delivery industry. While the food delivery market is rapidly evolving and expanding, this report will help restaurant owners take advantage of emerging opportunities, brace for the challenges and deliver a smooth off-premise dining experience.

In this in-depth report you’ll learn:

  • When people order delivery
  • How much people spend on delivery
  • What people order for delivery
  • How people order delivery
  • And more

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