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How Brazilian Bowl Is Succeeding in Delivery and Pickup With Otter + Allset

Since partnering with Otter and Allset, Brazilian Bowl has seen a $2,900 increase in monthly sales. Learn more in today's blog.
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Brazilian Bowl utilizes Otter's integration with Allset to succeed in pickup and delivery

1 Owner. 1 Location. $2,900 increase in monthly sales. 

Brazilian Bowl: Overview

Tony Ferreira, owner of Brazilian Bowl, was always into food.

“Food is in my blood. Growing up in Sao Paulo, my mom used to cook for families in their homes – everything I know about food I learned from my mother and my grandmother.”

Restaurant owner

When Tony turned 17, he decided to create his own restaurant concept: a kiosk that served hamburgers and hot dogs on the streets of Sao Paulo, “I didn’t even have a driver’s license yet. But my parents would let me take their car to the supermarket. The kiosk was a success, and eventually, I moved the concept into a brick & mortar location downtown. I always had this dream of opening a casual Brazilian restaurant in the US, and after a few years, I decided to make it a reality.”

Restaurant delivery tips

Tony moved to the East Coast and began working in restaurants. He familiarized himself with the culture of food in the US, and fell in love with the idea of a fast-casual, assembly line style restaurant. 

“The thing about Brazilian cuisine in the US is that there’s really only formal steakhouses. Americans were missing out on homemade, casual Brazilian food. I liked the concept of Chipotle, made Brazilian. So I moved to Chicago and created it. When we opened Brazilian Bowl, it was a madhouse immediately – people loved it! We serve fast-casual bowls filled with classic Brazilian ingredients, but we also bring in a little more of the culture through Brazilian national dishes, Brazilian empanadas, exotic smoothies, and desserts.”

Read on to learn how Brazilian Bowl is succeeding in delivery and pickup with Allset + Otter

Brazilian Bowl: The situation

“When we opened 11 years ago, we were so busy we couldn’t even think about doing delivery. Then after about a year, we started delivering on our own, and today, we have a pretty established delivery business.” Brazilian Bowl, being a unique and popular concept in Chicago, has always had a good amount of delivery orders. Tony also prioritizes his catering business, which has been known to serve about 200-300 people before lunch time.

Brazilian food delivery

Around two years ago, Tony decided to take Brazilian Bowl’s delivery and pickup business to the next level by adding Allset - a commission-free direct-to-consumer ordering platform that makes growing your restaurant’s contactless business easy.

In addition to increasing efficiency, Brazilian Bowl has seen an increase in monthly delivery and pickup sales, along with order fulfillment with Allset + Otter.

Brazilian food delivery chicago

In addition to Allset’s direct-to-consumer platform, Brazilian Bowl is also available on multiple third-party platforms including Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates

“We were on so many delivery platforms. It helped increase orders and revenue, but it also meant we had 10 tablets to keep up with. It was really intense – my team was spending so much time managing tablets. It was a job in and of itself.”

Brazilian Bowl: The Solution

As delivery orders continued increasing, so did delivery tablets  – Tony knew he needed a solution that would make managing online orders more efficient. He came across Otter, and began consolidating Brazilian Bowl’s third-party and Allset orders into a single tablet.

“Otter’s made the operations side of things a lot easier. Now we just use a single tablet to keep track of all of our platforms including Allset, Doordash, Uber Eats and others.” 
order brazilian food delivery

In addition to increasing efficiency, Brazilian Bowl has seen an increase in monthly delivery sales and order fulfillment with Allset and Otter.


Since partnering with Otter and Allset, Brazilian Bowl has seen a  $2,900 increase in monthly sales, in addition to:

  • 7x revenue ROI increase
  • 31% uptime availability increase
  • 98% fulfillment rate

Using AllSet alongside Otter’s Order Manager, Brazilian Bowl has increased monthly sales by $2,923 per location.

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