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How Hooters delivers on their bottomline by delivering All-American fun alongside Otter

August 18, 2021

Delivering wings, fun and a sense of normalcy to customers throughout the pandemic

"Otter’s ability to uncover insights about order errors and missed orders has saved significant money and time, and the team at Otter is committed to helping us succeed in delivery. This is a $1M/year problem, and they have already assisted in decreasing our order issue cost by 28%." - Marc Butler, SVP Strategic Planning & Off Premise, Hooters of America

Hooters is a famous food chain that started in Florida in 1983. Known for its upbeat atmosphere and world famous chicken wings served by the crowd favorite Hooters girls, Hooters has become an American comfort food staple over the past 40 years. Because customers love the atmosphere of Hooters, transitioning to majority delivery in the midst of the pandemic was tough. Marc and his team worked to make sure chicken wing lovers across the country could maintain some sense of normalcy by perfecting their delivery operations so regulars could recreate the sports bar atmosphere at home.

Luckily the Hooters team had been optimizing their delivery business for years before the pandemic, but there were still opportunities to reduce mistakes and increase sales. While their delivery operations were in a good place and customers across the country were enjoying their wings at home, Marc noticed something alarming – the franchise was losing out on $1m YoY due to delivery order errors and customer complaints.

Read on to learn how Hooters is succeeding in delivering with Otter.

When Hooters began pushing out higher volumes of delivery orders during the pandemic, Marc realized that their system was broken. He began implementing an online order system including a direct delivery channel, new third-party delivery partners, and a data & insights solution.

Our sales team here at Otter found Marc Butler and reached out to him with a desire to superpower Hooters’ delivery business through data & insights. Otter stood out from the competition by making it clear to Marc that our data & insights solution would can reduce the cost related to order errors, missed orders, & cancellations in a cost effective way.

"Otter’s dashboard is accessible & actionable –  it saves time on data operations. The beauty of this software service model is you get this great tool that you didn’t pay to develop from scratch at a low cost. With our monthly revenue from refunds it nets out to be very cost effective for us and we’re seeing a great ROI.”

- Marc Butler, SVP Strategic Planning & Off Premise, Hooters of America

To learn more about how Otter helped Hooters decrease errors to increase sales & efficiency, download our free case study below!

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