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Increase order handoff speed & reduce front-of-house chaos with Handoffs by Otter

May 3, 2021

The return of dine-in and the growth of delivery

“I just miss sitting down at a restaurant and enjoying a meal with my friends.” As culture begins to come out on the other side of what’s undoubtedly been an unprecedented past ~14 months, many of our core, beloved rituals are returning. One of the most missed of these rituals? Dining-out. According to a survey conducted by The Daily Meal, 41% of people said that what they missed most during the pandemic was eating in restaurants and going to bars. 41%, rejoice! In May of 2021, every state is open for in-store dining in some capacity. Your customers are excited to return to their favorite restaurants, and we know that restaurants like yours are even more excited to welcome back their guests. However, even as dine-in returns, delivery doesn’t seem to be slowing down with a majority (68%) of customers reporting that they are more likely to purchase takeout or delivery food than they were before the pandemic, and 53% of people saying that takeout and delivery is “essential to the way they live.” Encouraging? Absolutely. Overwhelming? Potentially.

the growth of food delivery

Taking advantage of the foot traffic while avoiding the front-of-house traffic jams

The return of dine-in plus the accelerated growth of delivery could mean chaos for your front-of-house, but it doesn’t have to. Let’s look at how restaurants like yours can increase the speed of order handoff to manage front-of-house operations, reduce order issues & mistakes, increase customer satisfaction, and seamlessly communicate across your team with Otter. 

Welcome to Handoffs by Otter

Why not solve this potential issue before you experience it? The team at Otter has been working to create a solution that helps busy restaurants like yours get delivery orders out the door as fast as possible while welcoming your dine-in guests back with a 5-star experience. We started by thinking what might get in the way of that: an overly crowded front-of-house, drivers waiting around for orders, takeout customers wanting to grab their order as soon as they show up, and delivery orders getting mixed up. We’ve created a new product that reduces stress, chaos, front-of-house chaos, and errors by increasing order handoff speed. Say hello to Handoffs by Otter. 

What is Handoffs by Otter?

Handoffs by Otter is a best-in-class order handoff solution that lets you manage orders throughout their entire lifecycle from preparation to to ready for pickup to handoff. Think of Handoffs as a digital “host” that manages your delivery business. 

The key features of Handoffs by Otter include:

  1. Pickup feed. Provide order status information and alert couriers & customers  when their order is ready through our customer-facing display.
  2. Check-in app. Provide couriers and pickup customers with order status information and notify the kitchen upon arrival.
  3. Order notifications. Manage the queue of couriers and pickup customers by automatically sending SMS-based notifications when orders become available for pickup.

How Handoffs by Otter works

Let’s take it out of theory, shall we? With Handoffs by Otter, you receive a delivery order on your Otter tablet. From there, the courier for that order receives a notification when the order is ready to be picked up. They check-in via a unique QR code, grab the right order, and head out to deliver it to your customer – simple as that. 

succeed in restaurant food delivery

The key benefits of using Handoffs by Otter at restaurants like yours

Being able to notify couriers when to enter your restaurant, scan a unique QR code, and grab the correct order let’s you maximize your square footage while keeping both your dine-in and delivery customers happy. 

Using Handoffs by Otter will help restaurants like yours decrease stress and increase sales & customer satisfaction. With Handoffs by Otter, you can...

  • Optimally manage customer and courier front of house traffic to eliminate chaos
  • Reduce order issues and mistakes, ensuring the right order is given to the right person every time
  • Increase customer satisfaction and protect your food quality by efficiently passing off delivery orders
  • Seamlessly communicate across your kitchen, couriers, and customers with order status and updates

Sign-up for early access to Handoffs by Otter today!

If you’re interested in decreasing front-of-house chaos while increasing order handoff speed with Otter, fill out the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly. 

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