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Real-Time Delivery Analytics for Restaurants: Otter Insights

Get started with Otter Insights to track delivery analytics for restaurants, food trucks, and more.
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Otter Insights: Delivery analytics for restaurants

Does your restaurant get more orders from Uber Eats or DoorDash? What’s your average order value? How much money are you missing due to missed or incorrect order items? Which food delivery service is best for business? Are you receiving sales from the promotions that you run on delivery apps?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, we’ve got you covered.

Running a restaurant is a tough job. From supervising employees and overseeing inventory to creating marketing campaigns and making delicious food for your customers, it can feel blissful but never-ending.

And now, with the increased adoption of online ordering, it might feel like you have to be a tech professional and data expert just to ensure your operations are running smoothly.

As a restaurateur, you already know that having access to real-time analytics is a must in the competitive delivery market. Data allows you to improve key metrics and tackle operational issues to increase sales and decrease mistakes. But unlocking insights about your delivery business shouldn’t feel like a full-time job.

Keep reading to learn more about our revamped analytics tool, Otter Insights, and how to get started for free.

From data to decisions with Otter Insights

Seeing your restaurant’s performance data doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive.

At Otter, we’re excited to launch our completely updated analytics tool: Otter Insights. Otter Insights is the place where restaurant owners go to understand how their business is doing. It consolidates all your delivery data into one easy-to-use dashboard to inform your decisions. No more analyzing endless spreadsheets from multiple delivery platforms. With Otter Insights, you can see data from all your locations, platforms, and brands in one place.

Here’s what you’ll find inside our revamped analytics tool, Otter Insights:

1. Business Performance

2. Operational Excellence

3. Promotions Performance

4. Reports & Advanced Reports

Business Performance

Once you login to Otter, Business Performance is the first option on the new Insights tab. It allows you to see how your restaurant is doing across all your locations from a single place.

At the top, you’ll find cards for your gross sales, order volume, average order value, and average sales per store so you can keep track of your sales in real-time.

If you have more than one store, you can easily spot your top and bottom locations by gross sales or order volume. Plus, Business Performance allows you to see where your orders and sales are coming from so you can make decisions to grow and improve your restaurant.

  • Why is this helpful? Imagine you work with Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. Business Performance allows you to compare delivery partner sales to know which of your platforms is working best for your restaurant, and additionally, which ones could use some attention.

Operational Excellence

If you’re trying to improve your restaurant’s efficiency and learn where you’re making, losing, and missing money, Operational Excellence was made for you.

In this Insights tab, you’ll be able to track your order issue rate and dive into the top issue reasons like missing items, incorrect items, or not following customer directions.

Operational Excellence also provides information about availability so you can track and avoid any downtime in your store to increase sales. Plus, the cancellation card highlights canceled orders you could have avoided.

  • Why is this helpful? Missed orders, canceled orders, and negatively adjusted orders happen. Our Operational Excellence dashboard provides you with a clear view of your customer issues across locations and platforms. This means you can verify commissions and payouts to delivery partners and get money back where you can.

Promotions Insights

Make sure your marketing spend doesn’t go to waste with visibility on the real impact of your delivery app promotions. Learn what type of promotions are driving sales with data points like net take-home and promotions ROI  & promoted vs. non-promoted order volume.

With our user-friendly dashboard, you’ll be able to determine how many sales are coming from your promotions and see your take-home payout. Promotions Insights also has cards for promoted vs. non-promoted order volume and average order value.

Plus, you can see the ROI of your promotions and learn which of them is driving more sales.

  • Why is this helpful? Imagine you’re running 3 types of promotions on your delivery apps: free delivery, free item, and a discount. Promotions Insights will show you which is bringing more orders, sales, and ROI so you don’t keep running promotions that don’t add value to your restaurant.

Reports & Advanced Reports

Reports is the solution you already know and love! It includes many reports like store performance, orders reporting, menu item reporting, lost sales analysis, and availability reports. Plus, all the data is available for download via the export function.

With Advanced Reports, we provide our customers with an additional level of granularity and richness, including the addition of new columns and levels of aggregation to even further support your restaurant’s operations, finances, and performance.

Otter Insights is a no brainer - what are you waiting for?

If your restaurant offers delivery, you're already collecting hundreds of pieces of data every day. You know what your customers order most and you have insight into your average ticket size, peak hours, and more. But to date, you’ve only been able to see your performance on one app at a time.

Interesting? Sure. Actionable? Not really. That’s where solutions like Otter Insights come in.

At Otter, we work to provide you with key tools to grow your restaurant. Analytics used to belong to the few businesses that could afford them, but we believe data should be available for everyone. Every Otter customer now has access to Otter Basic Insights & Analytics: Business Performance, Promotions Performance and Reports. Plus, our Otter Pro customers can also enjoy Operational Excellence and Advanced Reports as part of our Advanced Insights & Analytics solution.

If you’re already an Otter customer, you can find Otter Insights in the “Insights” tab within your Business Manager account. If you haven’t signed up for Otter yet, you can get started with our free Insights tool in just a few seconds!

Start increasing your restaurant's sales today. Fill out the form below, and put Otter Insights on the menu! Plus, manage your business on the go with the Otter app for iOS.

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