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Reach new customers, increase your sales, and boost your social media engagement with Otter and JoyUp

Learn how you can turn your restaurant's social media likes into orders alongside JoyUp and Otter.

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Digital and mobile food ordering isn’t just a trend, it’s a revolution

In 2021, convenience is king. This statement is true for all people, but particularly millennials who represent the largest portion of the consumer population, and the group who orders restaurant delivery most often. Millennials order food delivery three times more often than their parents, 20% of millennials increased how frequently they order food online during the pandemic, and 67% say the option to order delivery influences what restaurants they go. This demographic wants to consume their favorite foods whenever and wherever they want, as well as order and pay for it with the click of a button. Digital ordering and delivery have grown exponentially with online orders increasing at 300% the rate of dine-in traffic since 2014. The convenience presented by online food delivery is changing the restaurant industry today, and will continue to grow for years to come: orders placed via smartphone made up more than 10% of all quick-service restaurant sales in 2020.

How can you make the convenience of online ordering more convenient?

Online food ordering is already pretty convenient: it’s quick, it’s efficient, and it places your favorite restaurants within “click’s reach.” However, the generation driving the growth of convenience culture and the food delivery industry, millennials, think it could be even more convenient. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, more than 60% of millennials want restaurants to use technology to make ordering takeout and delivery more convenient. How can your restaurant deliver on this consumer desire? The answer might lie in your favorite apps.

Mobile Food Ordering

Mobile and social ordering could make delivery more convenient for your customers, and more successful for your restaurant

We know that 10% of all quick service restaurant sales come from a smartphone, and mobile ordering is close to a $38 billion industry. Finding ways to take advantage of where your customers are (and what they’re doing) when they’re on their phones could make the process of discovery and ordering more convenient for your audience, while increasing orders and sales for your restaurant.

Okay taking this out of theory, when people are on their smartphones, they’re likely on an app such as Instagram or Facebook. Let’s take Instagram for example. This social platform has 500 million daily active users across the globe who exchange 4.2 billion likes each day. And what are they posting, sharing and liking? Luckily for your restaurant, a majority of this content is about food. Food lovers consume 4x more content on Instagram than the average user, food fans use instagram 18x per day, and every month, #food accounts for more than 250 million posts. Not only are they 1. On social media 2. Posting, sharing and liking content about food, but 3. They’re probably also a part of the audience who values convenience and orders food delivery most often: 71% of Instagram users are Millennials. The audience who is most likely to order delivery from restaurants like yours is on Instagram, and they’re engaging with content about food. So what if you could turn those likes into orders (and money in your pocket?) Spoiler alert: you can. 

Taking Instagram Food Photos

Enter commission-free social ordering platform, JoyUp

In 2021, Facebook and Instagram are the #1 source of discovery for restaurants. Your restaurant can take advantage of the popularity of social media with JoyUp. JoyUp is a commission-free online ordering platform that empowers your restaurant to quite literally turn “likes” into “orders.” JoyUp uses social media advertising techniques to target your local audience on these platforms, at the right time, with the right message. With JoyUp, restaurant guests can order and pay for pickup and delivery orders through Facebook Messenger: meaning more convenience for them, and more orders, reach and revenue for your restaurant. 

Otter partners with JoyUp to make the mobile and social ordering as convenient for your restaurant as it is for your customers.

Otter’s partnership with JoyUp enables restaurants like Cold Stone to reach new audiences on social media platforms. When those people discover your restaurant, they can place an order directly through their social media channel of choice. No need to add extra tablets or cables, when those new orders come in, they’ll go straight to Otter alongside all your restaurant’s other online orders. New customers, an influx of orders, one tablet: succeeding in delivery with JoyUp and Otter is simple!

Order Coldstone Delivery Postmates

Otter x JoyUp in action at Cold Stone

Cold Stone utilizes Otter’s JoyUp integration to superpower their delivery business

"Adding a commission-free delivery/takeout service gives us bang for our buck. We’ve generated 4-5X ROI on our social media orders, and managing those orders is so efficient with Otter. So far, the partnership has been great and we want to continue doing business with JoyUp and Otter for the long haul." - Cold Stone Creamery

In just three weeks of this partnership, Cold Stone has seen:

  • 4x ROI
  • +100 new customers
  • Increase in average order size from $10 to $14
  • 1200 new Facebook messenger subscribers

Take advantage of the mobile ordering revolution with JoyUp and Otter today!

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