Restaurant tech tools for 2021 and beyond

Our friends at xtraCHEF rounded up the best tech tools for your restaurant in 2021 and beyond.

The tech necessities will help any restaurant thrive through the pandemic and prepare for what’s next

COVID-19 has transformed the restaurant industry, presenting numerous operational and technical challenges. Online orders are hard to manage and don’t seamlessly integrate into point-of-sale (POS) systems. Mobile ordering, third-party aggregators, and digital menus are more important than ever — and you still need foundational tech tools to run accounting and labor.

With hundreds of companies offering tools and services to boost revenue, control food costs, and deal with pandemic-related problems, it’s not always easy to determine which services will help and which to skip. In an industry where year-over-year revenues are down considerably, it’s crucial to choose the right providers.

That’s why our friends at xtraCHEF have updated their guide to restaurant tech tools for 2021 to showcase solutions that help you make the most margin out of the dollars you’re generating now — and prepare you for life after the pandemic.

To learn about the top tools for your restaurant across POS, accounting, digital menus, labor, website + repairs, back of house intelligence, and delivery + native ordering (featuring Otter), download xtraCHEF's guide today.

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