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The top 10 otter features for small and independent restaurants

What are the best Otter features for small restaurants? Find out in today's blog.

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Otter features for small restaurants

Otter offers restaurant management and optimization solutions for restaurants of all sizes and types. Our delivery tech solutions every type of restaurant: from mom & pop restaurants, to small, independent restaurants, to midsize restaurant groups, to national chains.

We work with restaurants across all types: from casual dining to family style, fine dining to fast casual to fast food. And while we offer a solution for every type of restaurant, not every type of restaurant requires the same solution.

Today, we are going to focus on which features within Otter’s product suite can help small restaurants and independent restaurants succeed in food delivery.

Beloved small restaurants and independent restaurants choose Otter to support their food delivery business

We work with small restaurants and independent restaurants across the globe including Brazilian Bowl, B-Unos and many others. We often hear a few of the same needs from small restaurants and independent restaurants.

Small restaurants and independent restaurants are looking for a way to simplify their business. With fewer staff members, having a means of consolidating all of the delivery orders from Postmates, Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and others is critical. Having a way to then look at performance data that’s not overly complicated or time consuming is another key focus for small restaurants and independent restaurants.

On the other hand, we work with plenty of small restaurants and independent restaurants who need advice on how to break into the delivery space and increase their sales in spite of commissions.

When the team at Otter begins working with a small restaurant or an independent restaurant, we take the time to understand their business needs: what’s working and what isn’t, where they want to increase efficiency and where they want to grow. From there, we create a solution that’s designed to deliver on exactly their key focus areas.

independent restaurant

How Otter helps small restaurants and independent restaurants increase sales, orders and efficiency 

We offer four packages to help restaurants succeed in delivery. Within each of these packages are simple yet state-of-the-art features that will help any restaurant: small, independent or other, succeed in delivery. However, there are some Otter features that small restaurants and independent restaurants say helped them become more successful.   

restaurant order aggregator
Otter provides small restaurants and independent restaurants with delivery order & platform consolidation, partnership, and holistic easy-to-navigate performance data + trends

Otter helps small restaurants and independent restaurants increase efficiency, save time and decrease stress by consolidating all your orders into one place. T

ablet chaos is, well, chaos, for all types of restaurants, but particularly for small restaurants & independent restaurants who have smaller teams.

Say goodbye to tablet chaos with all your orders, platforms, and locations in one tablet. Many of our small restaurant and independent restaurant clients haven’t experimented with delivery just yet. When this is the case, we provide support and partnership to create a delivery strategy that will deliver on exactly your restaurant’s needs.

For small and independent restaurants who are signed up for multiple delivery platforms and seeing all those orders in one place, Otter provides the ability to view performance data across all delivery platforms in a user-friendly dashboard that automatically exports to a single spreadsheet. This makes gaining insight and optimizing performance easier to navigate. 

independent restaurants

Otter features that help small restaurants succeed in delivery 

1. Otter Order Management.

Say goodbye to endless tablets with Otter’s platform and order consolidation capabilities. Aggregate your orders across all online ordering partners into one feed & optional printer. Eliminate errors in order fulfillment with Otter’s auto-accept and print capabilities. Our order auto-accept and print features ensure you never miss an order so you can maximize your sales at all times.

  • See all your orders from Uber Eats, GrubHub and more
  • Set and adjust prep times and store hours
  • Mark orders as ready and request a courier

> See full list of POS integration & delivery partners

2. Otter Insights

See a clear view of your performance from a single dashboard or spreadsheet. Access consolidated performance data across all of your delivery partners to drive actions that improve your sales and operations

Gain insight into opportunities for growth through powerful data filters. Otter's powerful filters enable you to dive into sales, orders, payout, and commission data by store location, brand, and delivery service to understand every detail of your performance in one place.

3. Otter Menu Management

Otter Menu Management allows you to make menu updates, 86 items, change prices, and more for any brand or location from a single place.

Centrally manage your menu across platforms in one place with our menu management feature. Import your menu, edit & remove menu items, update prices, modifiers and hours across brands, locations and platforms from a single place.

4. Otter Handoffs

Track your couriers to streamline prep-time and order handoff.  See the courier’s info the moment they are assigned and stay on top of ETAs for a more efficient operation.

5. Otter Virtual Brands

Grow your business through virtual brands. Optimize your excess inventory and capacity while increasing your revenue with Otter’s virtual brand expertise. 

small restaurant independent restaurant

Real-world examples of how Otter has helped small restaurants and  independent restaurants simplify and succeed in delivery

How independent restaurant Brazilian Bowl increases monthly sales with Otter

“We were on so many delivery platforms. It helped increase orders and revenue, but it also meant we had 10 tablets to keep up with. It was really intense – my team was spending so much time managing tablets. It was a job in and of itself.”

Since partnering with Otter, Brazilian Bowl has seen a  $2,900 increase in monthly sales, in addition to a 7x revenue ROI increase, a 31% uptime availability increase, and a 98% fulfillment rate.

Brazilian Bowl Chicago

If you’re a small restaurant or an independent restaurant looking to simplify your delivery business and increase sales, fill out the form below and one of our delivery experts will contact you shortly. 

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