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Top 4 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Otter Free Trial

Learn how to make the most out of Otter, with tips on navigating our product-suite and must-use solutions.
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Welcome to Otter!

“Running a restaurant is easy,” said no one ever. Welcome to Otter! The place restaurateurs go to simplify and grow their delivery business.

From food trucks to top chains, thousands of restaurants around the globe trust Otter to simplify and grow their delivery business, and we just made it easier than ever. We’re offering a 14-day free trial to Otter so you can try our solutions without committing to a cost upfront.

If you have not yet signed up for the Free Trial, you can sign up now on our website  and enjoy two weeks of Otter for free.

If you’re signed up, keep reading to learn how to make the most out of Otter, with tips on navigating our product-suite and must-use solutions to power your delivery business.

Top 4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Otter Free Trial

1. See and manage your orders in one place.

Ready to say goodbye to multiple tablets?

Order Manager is Otter’s tool for order consolidation. Otter links with the leading POS systems and delivery apps and aggregates the orders in a single place.  Click here to see a complete list of our integration partners.

When you’re out of ingredients or can’t fulfill an order, mark an item unavailable to 86 the item on your online menus. Mark an order ready, and a delivery app courier will be notified and dispatched. And watch all your online and offline orders flow into a single easy-to-use dashboard with Order Manager.

"The reports provide a very professional overview. Otter has given me the feeling of having a very powerful management tool. I can see how the operation is doing, how sales are going, and what can be done to improve." - Ernesto Barrón, FOODIOOM

2. Update and manage your menu(s) across platforms and locations

With Otter’s menu item performance report, you’ll have already unlocked actionable insights to make the most out of your menu.

Menu Management consolidates all your online menus across locations, brands, and platforms into one place—empowering you to make changes on the fly. Make menu updates, change prices, mark items unavailable (86) with just two clicks, and edit modifiers for individual items or entire categories.

For example, If a specific menu item has been performing well on delivery platforms, you can reorder your menu to bump it to the top. If an item is underperforming, you can push it to the bottom or deactivate it altogether. If a specific category sees an influx of orders during a particular time of the week, for example, cocktails on the weekends, you can reorder your menu to have “drinks” come up first.

Additionally, if you need to change your digital storefront’s hours because of a rush, holiday, or other unforeseen circumstances, you can do that right from the Otter tablet.

What's more? You can also set up multiple menus for a single location, allowing you to set up specific menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc., directly within Business Manager.

“You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Super easy setup, and you can consolidate all of your delivery orders into one place. Makes life a lot easier in this already stressful industry. Managing all incoming orders, prep times, and more from one place is a tremendous benefit for all restaurants.”  - Raz Mahrouk, VP of Operations, Dog Haus

3. Rank higher on food delivery platforms

80% of customers place a delivery order from a platform’s homepage. Consequently, if your restaurant’s not listed on the homepage — you’re missing out on sales.

While there’s no one equation for ranking higher on delivery platforms, factors like order speed, ratings, service, operational efficiency, promotions, and conversion all play into how high your restaurant ranks on the apps.

Otter can boost your speed, accuracy, and order fulfillment. Auto-accept and print tickets in Order Manager to avoid missed orders and delays to increase your ranking and visibility on delivery apps.

Running promotions can also help boost your ranking on delivery apps. But are your promotions boosting your rankings? Simply head over to the Insights tab within Business Manager to find out the real impact of your promotions.

See what type of promotions drive sales with data points like net take-home and promotions ROI. Compare promoted vs. non-promoted order volume. Use these insights to make sure your marketing dollars don’t go to waste and to run promotions that work to boost your restaurant’s ranking.

“Since partnering with Otter at the beginning of 2021, our orders and revenue have multiplied by 7. We started focusing on delivery in March, and it has been a continuous growth. Every month, we have been getting more orders than the previous month.” - Faizan Ansar, Delivery operations lead, Burger Fuel

4. Dig into what’s working and what isn’t

Data is useless unless you have the power to sort and view the numbers in the most impactful means possible for your business. It’s time to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, messy data, and CSV files!

Instead, get a 360 view of your restaurant's performance from one dashboard. Simply head to the  ‘Insights’ tab within your Business Manager to track sales by the hour with live monitoring and filter performance by delivery platform, sales, location, menu items, and more—to turn your data into decisions.

For example, are you on multiple delivery apps? Filter your data by platform. Do you have multiple locations? Filter & compare performance by location. Want to know if it would be a good idea to offer a brunch menu? Filter by day and hours to identify when you see the most orders and when you could use new traffic.

Check your order issue rate and order issue typewhat time of the day do you get the most order issues? What day of the week? What about lost revenue, cancellations, and availability?  Find out where you’re making, missing, and losing money to reduce order issues, errors and charges. Use these data points as cheat codes for making your restaurant operations more efficient.

Throughout your free trial, regularly access insights and recommendations regarding sales, order volume, store ranking, channel performance, and promotions. As previously mentioned, you can also download and print reports for flexible reporting.

“Being able to see super-advanced, consolidated performance reports is next level. I’m able to monitor key metrics like missed orders and cancellations from every delivery service in a single place. This level of insight helps me make growth and expansion decisions based on holistic data.” - Desi Saran, Founder & CEO, Sweetberry

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You can sign up now on our website and enjoy two weeks of Otter for free.

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