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How Urbano food Group saves time and increases revenue with Otter

"Every restaurant should give Otter a try. " - Gilberto Rascon, Urbano Food Group

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Urbano Food Group x Otter

1 Owner. 1 Food Group. $328 increase in monthly sales. 

Urbano Food Group: Background

Urbano Food Group was established in May 2018. Owner, Gilberto Rascon holds pride in being creative with his food and seeing peoples’ joyful reactions when they try his unique creations. His team is focused on having fun, making people happy, and serving delicious food that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Urbano Food Group: Opportunity

Pre-2020, Urbano Food Group was doing about 20% of its sales through third-party delivery. Right before the pandemic hit, Gilberto saw that percentage jump up to 30%, and today, his restaurant does close to 50% of its sales through third-party delivery platforms.

“During COVID-19, our total online sales including third-party, direct to consumer, and curbside pickup jumped up to 80%.”However, as Urbano Food Group’s online orders increased, so did its front-of-house clutter and the team’s stress-level, “We had 4 tablets running. It took up a ton of space and there were cords everywhere. Not only was it messy, it was time consuming. Having to go from one tablet to another all day to keep up with our orders was a job in and of itself. When we launched our virtual brand, Pampas Blends, we were using 2 additional tablets – bringing us to a total of 6 tablets. It was crazy and nearly impossible to keep up with.”

Urbano Food Group: Solution

Gilberto discovered Otter through LinkedIn. He was drawn in by the possibility that his restaurant could consolidate its 6 tablets into a single device. “I wanted to try it for myself, so I went through the simple sign up process, and we went live with Otter shortly after."

"Otter changed the way we did delivery overnight. My team was immediately less overwhelmed which in turn made my life easier.”

Urbano Food Group saves time with Otter

“Time is very important to me: saving time is critical in this industry. Otter gives the team the ability to spend less time keeping track of orders on multiple tablets, which gives us more time to focus on food, people, expansion, and having fun.”

Menu Management with the click of a button

“Before Otter, we were having to go into each delivery platform to remove a menu item if we ran out of a certain ingredient . When we started using Otter, we could modify sets and 86 menu items across all of our platforms and brands with the click of a button. In addition to the 86ing function, I use Business Manager’s reporting tool to see what items are performing well in terms of sales, keep up with menu item trends, and gain insight into ways to increase revenue.” 

Urbano Food group Sees Otter as a partner, not just a platform

“The support team has been super helpful. If someone on my team is having an immediate issue, they can use the chat function within the platform at any time. For more long term questions or advice, I reach out to my Customer Success representative who is there to help with whatever I need. Other restaurants should really jump on Otter. The industry has changed so much, especially after pandemic, and Otter makes succeeding in the midst of these changes easier.”


Since partnering with Otter, Gilberto and Urbano Food Group have seen a $328 increase in monthly sales. Other results include: 

  • 7x revenue ROI increase
  • 31% uptime availability increase
  • 98% fulfillment rate
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