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Why You Should Integrate Your Restaurant POS with Otter

Want to integrate your restaurant POS with Otter? Learn about Otter POS integration in today's blog.
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Integrate Your Restaurant POS with Otter

Watch how Otter partner Midnight Cookie Co. optimizes operations with POS integration:

What is a restaurant POS system?

If you’ve worked in a restaurant for a long time, chances are you’ve witnessed the evolution of the POS system transform from an old-school cashier to a more sophisticated model essential for powering an online ordering business.

Since online ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014, many restaurants are prioritizing effective restaurant tech—with an innovative POS system at the top of their lists.  

The smart POS systems restaurants are using today do more than accept payment: they can also expand a restaurant’s reach and inform its overarching business strategy.

Since today’s POS systems are a hub of valuable data, many restaurants analyze performance monthly and yearly to make changes in pricing, promotions, ingredients, and more.

How does Otter make POS integration easy for restaurants?

Otter integrates with key food delivery apps like Uber eats or Doordash l, point-of-sale systems, and most major online & delivery platforms. After connecting the integration, all online and offline orders are “injected” into your POS system, consolidating all your revenue streams, sales reporting, and operational workflow in one place.

Otter's POS integration capabilities.

What are the benefits of integrating your POS system with Otter?

Otter’s POS integration was built to save you time and stress by aggregating all the tablets and printers into your POS, reducing the staff and training needed. With POS integration, you can:

Increase operational efficiency

Automatically accept & send your orders straight to the kitchen to increase your restaurant's efficiency.

Save time & reduce manual errors

Consolidate all online orders automatically into your POS  system with POS Order Management.

Streamline your data with POS integration

Otter configures your POS integration to enable (or maintain) your POS system reporting.

Save money by avoiding multiple manual data entries

Try our POS calculator to find out exactly how much your business can save with Otter POS integration.

POS calculator.

How does POS integration work?

Once you've signed up for our POS Integration, the integration steps are as follows:

1. Import and publish your menu

Otter imports your POS menu and publishes it to all delivery channels

2. Receive all your delivery orders

Otter will receive the orders placed on those online ordering platforms.

Restaurant POS system.
3. Manage from a single place

We send the orders to the POS system so you can manage all your orders from a single place.

What POS systems does Otter integrate with?

The following integration partners are available in the US, Canada, and the UK:

> See full list of integration partners

Otter's online ordering solutions.

We know challenges for restaurant owners continue to arise, especially with staffing shortages sweeping the nation again. Equipping your team with resources like Otter's POS integration helps to keep your day to day running smoothly and make the most of everyone's time.

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