Get to know your business
on a deeper level

With Otter’s industry-leading dashboard, it’s easy to create reports, analyze performance data, and discover deep insights that can inform your next big business decision.


Get a 360° view of your data

Monitor the performance of your brands, locations, and delivery partners while Otter identifies actionable insights for you to make 
the most out of each day.

- Export data and print reports
- View performance metrics
- Browse order history and earnings

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Identify lost revenue sources

Otter’s customizable dashboards make it easy to highlight what’s really important—so you can focus on improving the customer experience and your bottom line.

- Investigate errors, cancellations, and 
missed orders
- Track issues in real-time
- Visualize data with intuitive graphs and charts

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Automatic notifications keep you in the loop

Time is money, which means you need to know when things go wrong as soon as possible. Otter can automatically notify you and your managers when stores go offline or other issues arise.

- Monitor uptime availability
- Receive push notifications when stores go down
- Identify recurring issues that decrease store availability

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Other features

Menus & Locations
Take control of your stores, products, and offerings

Insights & Reports
Discover deep insights with artificial intelligence

Online Ordering
Simplify inbound orders with
one easy-to-use tablet

“We talk about it all the time. We have no idea how we did delivery without Otter. It’s just a no brainer.”

Jason Stephens
General Manager, Floridino's Pizza & Pasta


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Otter integrates with several POS systems, delivery apps, and other third-party platforms. Tap below to see if your systems are compatible with Otter.

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