Increase order handoff speed and decrease in-store chaos with Handoffs by Otter.

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Optimally manage customer and courier front of house traffic to eliminate chaos

Reduce order issues and mistakes, ensuring the right order is given to the right person every time

Increase customer satisfaction and protect your food quality by efficiently passing off delivery orders

Seamlessly communicate across your kitchen, couriers, and customers with order status and updates

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Think of Handoffs by Otter as a digital host that manages courier & customer pick-ups.

Handoff management

Manage orders through their entire lifecycle from preparation to to ready for pickup to handoff.

Pickup feed

Provide order status information and alert couriers & customers  when their order is ready through our customer-facing display.

Check-in app

Provide couriers and pickup customers with order status information and notify the kitchen upon arrival.

Order notifications

Manage the queue of couriers and pickup customers by automatically sending SMS-based notifications when orders become available for pickup.
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Here’s how it works.

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