How Dog Haus transformed their business alongside Otter

1 Director of Operations. 30+ Locations. 25%of total sales coming from virtual brands.


Dog Haus was founded by longtime friends Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and André Vener in Pasadena, California in 2010.  The award-winning concept has since become a national franchise with 50+ locations around the country. Director of Operations, Raz Mahrouk, joined the Dog Haus Team quickly after they opened in 2010, and was immediately blown away by both the food and culture of the restaurant. Over the years, Dog Haus has garnered critical acclaim for its signature all beef dogs and hand-crafted sausages with no added nitrates, 100% Black Angus beef burgers, and a fried chicken sandwich – all of which are made with hormone- and antibiotic-free meat & served on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls. In addition to continuing to establish itself as a “haus-hold" name, Dog Haus has helped raise enough funds to provide over one million meals to kids in need through its national charity partner No Kid Hungry. Raz Mahrouk explains, “From the founding Partners and all the way down, Dog Haus believes in doing good for others and our community. We surround ourselves with friends and family creating an amazing culture in our restaurants.”

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The situation

The pandemic has affected every restaurant in one way or another. It’s not new news that throughout the course of the pandemic, delivery became a means of survival for most restaurants, including Dog Haus. Luckily, Otter was implemented in most Dog Haus locations pre-COVID – because of that, they were able to adjust to the unexpected changes in the industry seamlessly. 

Dog Haus Delivery


Raz and the Dog Haus team partnered with Otter a couple years ago, and  “our business has changed for the better since.” Partnering with Otter immediately decluttered Dog Haus’ front-of-house by consolidating all of their orders into one tablet. Having a single “hub” for all their delivery partners helped the Dog Haus team manage orders more effectively and efficiently. Outside of consolidation and management, Raz mentions that another key benefit they’ve experienced since partnering with Otter is being able to toggle delivery partners on and off from one tablet: “We instantly saw an increase in our efficiency. Not having to individually log in to each delivery tablet saves us so much time.”

Dog Haus Delivery

During the pandemic, Dog Haus launched The Absolute Brands – a restaurant group composed of Dog Haus and multiple virtual brands, inspired by Dog Haus’ unique menu. The launch of these brands resulted in increased sales and orders using their current inventory, kitchen space, and staff. Otter played a major role in the successful launch of these virtual brands by consolidating each brand’s orders into one place. 


"At least 25 percent of our sales are coming from our virtual brands right now, and our same-store sales from Q3 are up double digits over 2019. And that’s despite most of our dining rooms being shut down."

“You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Super easy setup and you can consolidate all of your delivery orders into one place. Makes life a lot easier in this already stressful industry. Managing all incoming orders, prep times and more from one place is a tremendous benefit for all restaurants.” 

-  Raz Mahrouk

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