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How PLNT Burger saves time and money by expanding with the help of Boost

September 23, 2021

Just a few months after opening their first location, COVID 19 forced them to innovate, and thanks to online delivery, they were able to bring more people joy, one burger at a time.

“Otter has allowed us to focus more on the customer, and that's what we're here to do, we're here to bring people joy, and here to make great food. And Boost has allowed us to do that more by simplifying the third-party process.”

PLNT Burger is a plant-based burger joint that crafts and redefines some of America’s fast-food favorites in a health-conscious and sustainable way. Just a few months after opening their first location, COVID 19 forced them to innovate, and thanks to online delivery, they were able to bring more people joy, one burger at a time. Their burgers and other mouthwatering items are adored by vegans and meat-eaters across the DMV area.

The PLNT Burger team had an incredible opening on the Whole Foods of Silver Spring. Unfortunately, a couple months after their launch the world was hit by a global pandemic and every business was forced to shift their business model. Whole Foods eliminated all of their indoor seating area into Amazon fullfilllment centers,  “we had to pivot and pivot quickly and figure out how to make a delivery business work.”

Read on to learn how PLNT Burger succeeded in delivery with Otter.

Like other restaurants around the world, the pivot to delivery was a massive shift for PLNT Burger. Before the pandemic, 75% of PLNT’s Burgers sales were in-store and 25% came from delivery. These numbers reversed after the lockdowns.

Luckily, PLNT Burger established a partnership with Otter to figure out how to simplify and streamline its delivery business. Coby prioritized making her staffer’s life easier, eliminating tablets and navigating third-party apps and more.

Our sales team here at Otter approached the PLNT Burger team with a desire to superpower the restaurant’s delivery business through Boost.

Since PLNT Burger was already an Otter partner, the restaurant was happy to sign up for Boost to increase their reach and sales through targeted promotions. While saving time and money, the team was able to focus on what matters—their food and customers.

To learn more about how Boost helped PLNT Burger save time and increase revenue growth by 31.1%, download our free case study below!

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