Menu Management

Manage your menus, all in one place

Menu Management allows you to make menu updates, 86 items, change prices and more across all your brands, locations and delivery partners from a single place

Make the most of your menu

Otter shows you important insights so you can make the most of your menu.

Manage & control your menu

Add or create menus with ease, download your performance report, start testing new items, categories or pictures.

Mark items unavailable

Edit the availability of a menu item and publish to all your delivery partners with the click of a button

Offer multiple menus

Set up specific menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner directly in your Otter Dashboard.

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How to get started

Getting started is easy! Just follow these steps and watch your savings grow.


Otter +


Connect your POS account.
Work with our team to sync your delivery services and integrate with Otter.


Import and publish your menu.
Otter imports your POS menu and publishes it to all delivery channels.


Manage from a single place.
Otter sends the orders to your  POS system so you can manage them all from one dashboard.
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Find out how good your delivery menu is with personal reports and recommendations to improve your menu on delivery apps.
See how much money you could be saving by avoiding multiple manual data entry with Otter POS integration.
Automate marketing & promotions to help grow your business.

Save time by easily updating your menus from a single place.

Reduce inaccuracies and inconsistencies across your brands and locations.

No time to update menus?

Update & publish your menu with Otter and it’s automatically shared across all your platforms

Do you have out-of-stock items?

Mark them as unavailable across delivery apps with a few clicks

Don’t know how to improve your menus?

Make the most out of your menu with Otter’s analytics and optimization tools

“The thing about Otter is that it’s innovative but simple, so even if you don't consider yourself tech savvy, this is the tech you can handle.”
Anabelle Martinez,

Juice Vibe Bar

“We talk about it all the time. We have no idea how we did delivery without Otter. It’s just a no brainer.”
Jason Stephens,
General Manager, Floridino's Pizza & Pasta

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