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How much does Otter cost?

Otter software is $0/month. Yup, you read that right! During our beta period our software is free. Get unlimited integrations and orders so you can get up and running quickly and worry free.

Do I have to pay for hardware?

Yes, and that’s the only thing Otter will charge you for. Ordering your hardware is fast and risk-free! We offer a buyback program should you want to stop using Otter at any point in time!

Does Otter charge me for every order processed?

No! We give you unlimited orders through our integrations. That means no per-order fees and no monthly service fees.

What online food ordering platforms do you support today?

We currently support all major online food ordering platforms and we’re adding new ones everyday. You can see a list of some of them here.

If you use a platform that we don’t list, let us know here!

How long does it take to get Otter up and running at my restaurant?

Getting started is fast and easy and can typically be accomplished in a few days! Check out our setup guide for more details on getting Otter up and running at your restaurant! If you’re ready to get started, click here.

What should I do with all of the tablets that my online food ordering platforms sent me?

🔥 Burn them…? Kidding! Feel free to keep them charged and stowed away should you ever need them again. The bigger question is, what are you going to do with all of that newly found counter space!?!

Why should I use Otter at my restaurant?

Otter eliminates the chaos of online ordering. With one tablet and printer, we link all of your delivery partners to give you complete control of your online ordering business. From our one, connected system, you can automatically accept orders from all of your delivery partners, track and monitor the status of everything at a glance, and measure the success of your online ordering business with comprehensive reporting and insights.

How can Otter make me more money online?

💰 We help you eliminate human error, reduce food waste, add additional online food ordering platforms (new customers!), and simplify operations.

Does Otter offer any support or help?

🆘 Yes! Think of us as an extension to your front-of-house team. We’re here to help you 86 items across all platforms, close or pause your store fronts, update menus across all platforms, and much more! We’re here to serve you. Feels nice, right?

What solutions do you offer?

We support two primary use cases today:

1. It’s important for your orders to flow through your POS system
In this case, we hook you up with a tablet that aggregates all of your online ordering platforms so you have a single place to accept and view your incoming orders. Most restaurants use us to queue up orders and manage getting them inputted into their POS system.

2. You don’t care much for your POS system
In this case, we can hook you up with a tablet and a printer. You can place the printer near your cooks in the kitchen and they can fire orders based on the printed tickets. You’ll also get a tablet so you have a way to keep an eye on all of your in-flight orders.

Getting started is easy and risk-free!
No monthly fees, set-up delays, or long-term contracts–grow your business with Otter today.
trusted & loved by restaurant Staff around the world | hardware costs not included

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