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Sometimes you just want a little extra. Extra support. Extra features. Extra everything.
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The top 10 Otter features for Chain Restaurants

Otter offers restaurant management solutions for restaurants of all sizes and types. Let’s look at the top 10 Otter features chain restaurants can utilize to see their complete performance.

Local Heroes

How one group of friends created a delivery only restaurant concept in the midst of the pandemic at Casina Montreal

Local Heroes: Jérémie, Gad, Kevin and Laurent of Casina Montreal

Restaurant technology tools for success

Reach new customers, increase your sales, and boost your social media engagement with Otter and JoyUp

Learn how you can turn your restaurant's social media likes into orders alongside JoyUp and Otter.

About Otter

Coming soon: Otter’s Menu Management feature

Restaurants – manage your menus across locations, brands and platforms all in one place with Otter's new Menu Management feature.

About Otter

White paper: How taking advantage of delivery can deliver impressive results for your restaurant

Learn about how the delivery landscape is changing and how you can use these shifts to your restaurant's advantage.

How to Succeed in Delivery

Guide: 10 ways to increase your restaurant's delivery revenue.

Download our free guide featuring 10 tactics to increase your restaurant’s delivery sales.

Local Heroes

Succeeding in the future of food through digital hospitality

Local Hero: Shawn Walchef, Cali BBQ

Restaurant technology tools for success

Restaurant tech tools for 2021 and beyond

Our friends at xtraCHEF rounded up the best tech tools for your restaurant in 2021 and beyond.

Solutions for enterprise customers

For restaurant groups with more than 10 locations, we love getting you up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible. Let us know what you need, and we’ll custom-tailor the right solution for your business. Let’s have a conversation about it.

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