OTTER core

Manage & optimize your
delivery business in real time

Manage your delivery items, orders and performance with real-time tracking and optimization opportunities

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Seamless integrations

Enjoy the benefits that come from having all your online orders together, without the headache of managing multiple devices.

Front-of-house tablet

The Otter tablet lives alongside your kitchen line and allows you to manage online orders, 86 items, pause services, and more.

Back-of-house printer

The Otter printer lives near the cooks in the kitchen and prints tickets that they can use to make the right food for customers.

24/7 support

We are here to help make sure you are able to set everything up and take full advantage of all the value that comes with the product.

Consolidated order management
Station-specific ticket printing
Back office
Insights to optimize the business

Quickly 86 items from your menu

Otter offers the ability to 86 menu items directly from our Order Manager platform. Search and remove selected items from all your delivery service menus with a tap of a button.

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take control of your menu from a single place

Centrally manage your menu across platforms in one place

Import your menu, edit menu items, update prices, modifiers and hours across brands, locations and platforms from a single place.

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Track performance in real time with our industry leading live data

Monitor your delivery performance across platforms with real time updates on sales, orders, cancellations and store status to manage your business throughout the course of the day.

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Speak directly to a member of our team at any time

Talk with a member of our best-in-class Otter support team who is committed to helping you resolve any questions, issues or needs.

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...and so much more

Additional features that are jam-packed inside Otter

Order pausing

Pause incoming orders across all of your online services. When you are paused, customers won’t be able to order your food.

Courier tracking

See the courier’s info the moment they are assigned, stay on top of ETAs, and streamline hand-off for a more efficient operation.

Issue notifications

Stay informed. Everything from cancelations to spotty wifi will be sent your way so nothing ever falls through the cracks

Custom workflows

Align the application to the way you work. Toggle on or off customizations that modify the app to suit your needs.

Order ready

Let couriers know when an order is ready ahead of the default prep time, so you can get fresher food to your customers more quickly.

Reporting lite

Receive up-to-the- minute metrics of your online orders from a simplified version of our powerful Analytics & Tools dashboard.

Custom prep times

Toggle a setting to manual accept orders and receive full-screen notifications to modify each order’s default prep time.

3rd party couriers

Automatically assign and track third-party couriers to complete orders when the delivery service does not provide them.


Otter gives me the freedom 
to run my business without needing multiple tablets.

Cold Stone Creamer