Reduce costs and optimize operations by integrating your point-of-sale with Otter.

See how much money you could be saving by avoiding multiple manual data entry with Otter POS integration.

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Increase operational effiency with POS integration

Otter POS integration empowers restaurants to see and manage all online orders in their POS system, allowing them to save on time and costs. With Otter's POS integration, you're able to receive orders on your Otter tablet and send them straight to the kitchen: decreasing errors and increasing efficiency.

With Otter POS Integration you can:

Save time and reduce
manual errors

Consolidate all online orders automatically into your POS  system with POS Order Management

Increase operational

Send your orders straight to the kitchen to increase your restaurant's efficiency

Streamline your data with
POS Reporting

Otter configures your POS integration to enable (or maintain) your POS system reporting
Start saving with POS integration

How it works

POS integration was built to save you time and stress by aggregating all the tablets and printers into your POS, reducing the staff and training needed. Here’s how it works:


Otter imports your POS menu and publishes it to all delivery channels.


Otter will receive the orders placed on those online ordering platforms.


We send the orders to your POS system so you can manage all your orders from a single place.
Start saving with POS integration