Learn where you are making, losing & missing money

Learn how you can improve your sales, operations, finances, marketing performance, and more. Take advantage of performance and financial data to understand how all your restaurants are doing. Meet Insights by Otter.

Know what’s working and what’s not

Otter identifies insights you can use to make your business more profitable.

All the numbers you need to know. In one single view

Say goodbye to inconsistent reports from multiple delivery apps and know which one performed best across all locations. Keep refunds and order issues to a minimum when you know the reasons behind each.

Get to know what your customers truly want

Eliminate guesswork and know what's working vs. what's not by looking at menu item-level performance and ratings. Unlock cheat codes to become more profitable with combo ideas crowdsourced from your customers.

Know if your promotions were effective

Make sure your marketing spend doesn’t go to waste with visibility on the real results of your delivery app promotions. Learn what type of promotions are driving sales with one-click ROI and comparisons of promoted vs. non-promoted volumes.

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How to get started

Getting started is easy! Just follow these steps and watch your savings grow.


Otter +


Connect your POS account.
Work with our team to sync your delivery services and integrate with Otter.


Import and publish your menu.
Otter imports your POS menu and publishes it to all delivery channels.


Manage from a single place.
Otter sends the orders to your  POS system so you can manage them all from one dashboard.
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Find out how good your delivery menu is with personal reports and recommendations to improve your menu on delivery apps.
See how much money you could be saving by avoiding multiple manual data entry with Otter POS integration.
Automate marketing & promotions to help grow your business.

Solve issues before they become headaches

Our industry-leading dashboards have all the insights you need to be ahead of problems and succeed in delivery.

Always in the dark on how to improve operations and sales?

Make better data-driven decisions when you know the reasons behind order issues, or what your top menu items were last week.

Unsure if your menu is good enough?

Take a deep dive into your menu performance and see item-level sales and ratings* for all your mains and even add-ons.

*Ratings are available for Uber Eats orders.

Sick of confusing, messy spreadsheets?

Download and print easy-to-understand consolidated reports for flexible reporting and analysis together with your other systems.

“I love the dashboard feature for analytics. Because we're always looking to see where we can do better in terms of orders. Having all the data analytics in one area, with one login, made my life so much easier."
Abby Taylor

Owner, Playa Bowls

“We talk about it all the time. We have no idea how we did delivery without Otter. It’s just a no brainer.”
Jason Stephens,
General Manager, Floridino's Pizza & Pasta

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