Learn where you are making, losing & missing money

Take advantage of performance data with insights to understand how your restaurant is doing. Learn how you can improve your sales, operations, marketing performance, and more. Meet Insights by Otter.
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Find out how your restaurant is doing

Otter identifies actionable insights to take your business to the next level.

Understand your business to grow your business

Know how your restaurant is performing across all locations—in real-time—from a single place. Access insights and recommendations regarding sales, order volume, store ranking, channel performance, and more.

Learn how to optimize operations

Find cheat codes for making your restaurant operations more efficient. Access insights to understand the why behind order issues, lost revenue, cancellations, and availability details.

Find out the impact of your promotions

Make sure your marketing spend doesn't go to waste with visibility of the real results of your delivery app promotions. Learn what type of promotions are driving sales with data points like net take-home and promotions ROI & promoted vs. non-promoted order volume.

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Find out how good your delivery menu is with personal reports and recommendations to improve your menu on delivery apps.
See how much money you could be saving by avoiding multiple manual data entry with Otter POS integration.
Automate marketing & promotions to help grow your business.

Find out how your restaurant is doing

Our industry-leading dashboard includes all the data points you need to succeed in delivery.

Sick of messy spreadsheets?

Download and print easy-to-understand reports for flexible reporting.

Sick of order issues & error charges?

Take a deep dive into your order issue rate and order issue type.

Need even more advanced insights?

Try Advanced Reports to access even more granular data— including new columns and levels of aggregation to even further support your restaurant’s operations, finances, and performance.

“I love the dashboard feature for analytics. Because we're always looking to see where we can do better in terms of orders. Having all the data analytics in one area, with one login, made my life so much easier."
Abby Taylor,

owner of Playa Bowls

“We talk about it all the time. We have no idea how we did delivery without Otter. It’s just a no brainer.”
Jason Stephens,
General Manager, Floridino's Pizza & Pasta

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