Better business management.

A robust product suite that consolidates your online and offline orders, menus, and delivery processes into a single platform.

With actionable insights to optimize your business, pulled directly from your restaurant data — plus visually stunning, easily-exportable performance reports.

And opportunities to expand via Direct Orders, virtual brands, automated promotions, and delivery kitchens like Cloudkitchens and FutureFoods.

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Integrate all the apps you use daily.

Seamlessly connect services like delivery platforms and your POS to command your restaurant from a single place.
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Services that allow you to manage your onsite operations. Don’t see your service listed? Become a partner.
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Serve your customers commission-free

Otter is the all-in-one solution you need at a price you can afford

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Track performance in real-time.

Monitor and optimize your delivery performance across platforms with updates on sales, orders, cancellations, and store status.

Auto-accept and print orders.

Eliminate fulfillment errors and forgotten orders by automatically accepting incoming receipts and sending them directly to the kitchen.

Keep your menu up to date.

Import your menu, edit and remove items, and update modifiers across platforms, brands, and locations from a single place.

Get personalized, 24/7 support.

Receive premium, around-the-clock support from a dedicated account manager who’s familiar with your business operations.
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