Connect your restaurant

Your Otter tablet and printer integrate effortlessly with every plan to connect the digital world to the physical, allowing seamless control of your business.

Otter tablet

All your orders in one place

This is the one tablet your business will ever need—your entire order queue rolled into one device via Order Manager.

You can add an Otter tablet to your subscription, along with your choice of receipt printer for flawless order handoffs

Cloud printer

Get orders to your back of house, fast.

This printer connects directly to your Otter tablet via WiFi, so you can easily send receipts to the kitchen without running around. It’s also perfect for managing multiple kitchens via a network of printers.

Bluetooth printer

Keep your printer and tablet close.

This printer connects locally to your Otter tablet, no WiFi needed. It’s best for uninterrupted printing in restaurants where the kitchen and front counter are close by.

Label printer

Put a label on it.

Need to keep track of similar-looking menu items like coffee, tea, smoothies or something else you’re whipping up? This printer puts out sticky labels you can attach to differentiate items—and notate tricky modifiers.

Setup is simple

Choose the printer that works best for your business layout and operations. Then get it up and running in just a few steps. See how easy it is in our printer Help Center.
“Otter definitely provides our our staff with making seamless transactions from start to finish—starting from having the tickets automatically printed out to being able to view all orders  from one tablet, to reprinting. Everything is faster and easier for our staff with Otter.”
Love Art Sushi