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The Top 10 Most Profitable Food Truck Items

Are you a food truck operator craving some mouth-watering profit margins? Take our list of the top 10 most profitable food truck items to go!

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Food trucks are one of the fastest-growing segments of the American food industry and a major competitor to sit-down eateries. And it’s easy to see why. Food trucks are the ideal way of eating fresh, delicious food at any type of event or gathering. They can be used to cater any outdoor meal, from quick bites at concerts to full-on office team lunches and even weddings. No matter what kind of eater you are, there’s a food truck for your craving!

How do food truck operators keep up such steady growth? Through tasty food and even tastier profit margins. In this countdown, you’ll find out what today’s most profitable food truck items are, and why eaters can’t get enough of them!

Most Profitable Food Truck Item #10: Breakfast

Let’s start off with the most important meal of the day. Breakfast exemplifies the balance of low ingredient cost, high profitability, and massive eater demand that food trucks need to succeed.

Classic breakfasts like toast, eggs, and bacon are easy to prep and yummy to eat. They’re also cheap to buy in bulk and are a good option for customers on-the-go who want something fast but filling.

Roll up to a morning event with breakfast food options, and you’ll be swimming in the money by lunch.

Most Profitable Food Truck Item #9: African Cuisine

From Ethiopia to Morocco, Africa has a vibrant array of cuisines making their mark on North American taste buds. And how could it not? Dishes like Jollof rice, fufu, and egusi can be cooked in large batches and served up ASAP. These meals offer diners flavors they can’t find anywhere else!

The simplicity of African meals is a major advantage to food truck owners. It keeps costs low and allows for customization in both cooking and serving. By sharing the foods of Africa with today’s eager consumers, you’ll break into new markets without breaking the bank!

Most Profitable Food Truck Item #8: Grilled Cheese

Warm, bubbly, and delightfully decadent, grilled cheese sandwiches are a food truck classic for a reason. They’re quick to cook, even during a rush, and make the perfect food for eaters of any age, any time of day! Plus, cheese goes with everything. The clever mobile cook can whip up all sorts of different handhelds to give them the edge over their competitors. 

With just a few cheap ingredients, grilled cheese sandwiches are always a top seller. No matter what kind you’re serving – savory, sweet, or something in-between – the perfect grilled cheese will melt your customers’ hearts.

Most Profitable Food Truck Item #7: Indian Cuisine

Feeling spicy? Indian food is one of the most popular types of cuisine from all of Asia, and a major hit with today’s food truck patrons. Classic Indian recipes like curry, roti, and puri can be prepared (and eaten) from a food truck rapidly. Through the culture’s iconic range of spices, transforming inexpensive ingredients into flavor powerhouses is easy, too! 

Millennials – the food truck industry’s largest customer demographic – love Indian cuisine’s unbeatable taste, and operators love its profit-to-cost ratio. Bring a taste of Mumbai to American shores and keep your customers coming back for more!

Most Profitable Food Truck Item #6: French Fries

As you know, french fries are the perfect street food. They’re fast, always affordable, and demand nothing of eaters beyond their own fingers. Food truck operators love them, too! Potatoes are some of the cheapest vegetables in the world, and they’re an easy add-on to boost food sales. 

French fries also have a sneaky advantage that most other dishes don’t. They can be served on their own or added on to any kind of truck menu. Plus, it’s safe to say french fries never go out of style. In the world of food trucks, success can be yours with one question: Would you like fries with that?

Most Profitable Item #5: Tacos

You knew they'd be on here! Fewer dishes are bigger food truck legends than the taco. Chefs across the country adore tacos for their flavors and convenience, and food truck owners adore their sizzling ROIs. Tacos are a great way of maximizing the value of your ingredients, and consumer demand for variety is always high.

The perfect taco isn’t set in stone. Different eaters have different tastes, and, by crafting tacos suited to your area and community, you’ll gain a competitive advantage that’s muy bien.

Most Profitable Item #4: Thai Cuisine

As the global leader in street food, was there any doubt that Thailand wouldn’t have some of the world’s tastiest to-go? From Pad Thai to Poh Pia Tod, Thai food is one of the most recognizable Asian cuisines on the planet. The ease of preparing Thai cuisine’s classics makes them ideal for any mobile eatery!

Thailand’s street ingredients may be inexpensive, but they’re certainly not lacking in flavor. Take a cue from Bangkok’s food truck icons and put Thai on your menu today!

Most Profitable Item #3: Pizza

Everyone likes pizza, and everyone likes pizza trucks! The combination of oven and motor is obvious – food trucks are built for rapid heating, which makes pizza-making a breeze. Plus, by offering a wide range of toppings, you can appeal to a diverse set of taste buds.

There aren’t many costs involved in pizza-making, either.

In fact, skilled chefs create masterpieces with nothing more than some flour, water, tomatoes, and cheese, keeping profits high. Embrace your inner pizzaiolo with your food truck, and light a fire in your customers’ stomachs!

Most Profitable Item #2: Burgers

Nothing's more emblematic of a great day outdoors than a flame-grilled hamburger. Burger trucks are always a hit with diners. They’re hot, tasty, and ultra-convenient— no cutlery required! 

At an event, the simplicity of putting a burger together makes it easy to serve up one after another. In fact, simplicity is a burger’s best asset for food truck entrepreneurs. Creating the perfect hamburger takes only a few staple ingredients, setting the ideal profit margin for financial success. Rev up your food truck’s grill and start selling your signature burger!

Most Profitable Item #1: Barbecue

The most profitable food truck dishes strike the perfect balance between cost, labor, and sales. Nothing embodies that balance more than barbecue. Not only is it easy to toss some choice meats and veggies on the fire, but it’s also quick and cheaper than other options. Also, the delicious aroma of barbeque is like free advertising! 

Barbecue is consistently  rated as North America’s most popular – and most profitable – food truck item. Find out what kind of BBQ your customers want, and you’ll be the hottest eatery on the block. With some simple spices, sauces, and seasonings, you can make any kind of BBQ your own.

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