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From large enterprises to small businesses,
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Hear from our restaurant partners

Hear from our restaurant partners

Otter's Order Manager capabilities will both simplify operations and take your restaurant to the next level.
Brazilian Bowl saw a $2,900 increase in monthly sales.
“Otter’s made the operations side of things a lot easier. Now we just use a single tablet to keep track of all of our platforms including Allset, Doordash, Uber Eats, and others.”
Tony Ferreira
Brazilian Bowl
Sweetberry delivery orders increased by 36%.
“I’m able to monitor key metrics like missed orders and cancellations from every delivery service in a single place. This level of insight helps me make growth and expansion decisions based on holistic data.”
Desi Saran
Spice Club Indian went from five tablets to one with Otter.
“In addition to helping us save time, consolidate tablets, and ensure we aren’t missing any orders, the team at Otter is so supportive. I don't know how we did it without them!"
Parash Shrestha
Spice Club Indian Cuisine
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Otter integrates with several POS systems, delivery apps, and other third-party platforms. Tap below to see if your systems are compatible with Otter.

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Is your business ready to succeed in delivery?

Simplify and succeed in delivery with an order management system that’s built for multi channel, multi brand kitchens today.
We consolidate your online ordering solutions, like
, into one user-friendly dashboard so you can seamlessly manage your operations.